Crew rescued after fishing boat sinks off Nova Scotia

Three crew members are safe after their fishing boat sank late Thursday night off Pubnico, N.S.

A nearby fishing boat, the Angela O, rescued the trio after they abandoned the 18-metre Atlantic Sapphire, said the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax.​

The centre said it was not involved in the rescue and was unable to offer more details.

Jacky d’Entremont, whose husband, Avery d’Entremont, is a crew member on board the Atlantic Sapphire, said she spoke to her spouse “very, very briefly” when he called just after midnight.

“He said everybody’s OK but the boat is gone,” d’Entremont told Radio-Canada. “That was his only few words because the connection was bad.”

She added she was “relieved for the fact that [the crew members] were safe and that there was somebody close by to help them.”

D’Entremont was waiting Friday afternoon for her husband’s return home to Lower West Pubnico to learn more about what happened. The couple lives just minutes from the community’s wharf, she said.

She said her husband requested that she greet him with “some boots and some clothes because he didn’t have any, he’s wearing somebody else’s clothes.”

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