Mark Critch loses accidental eBay bidding war— to his fiancée

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one isn’t always easy, especially for This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Mark Critch and his partner Melissa Royle, who were stunned to find out they were locked in a battle over the same Christmas gift.

In a twist right out of a romantic comedy like You’ve Got Mail, the soon-to-be married couple found themselves in a bidding war over the same piece of antique Newfoundland memorabilia last month.

The prize? A commemorative plate from the now-defunct Trinity Train Loop, featuring the amusement park’s mascot, Choo-Choo Charlie.

“I noticed there was somebody bidding against me and I thought, ‘Who is this nerd?'” said Critch on Thursday.

“I mean surely to God I’m the only person on earth who wants this.”

Royle and Critch were both bidding on this plate, a piece of memorabilia from the now defunct Trinity Train Loop amusement park. (Submitted by Melissa Royle)

That other person, of course, was Royle … whose bid was coming from inside the house.

“I thought that’s strange but you know it happens …  but then [the bid] kept going back and forth and then I came down and asked Mark and turned to him and said, ‘Are you bidding on something on eBay?'” she said.

Canadian comedian Mark Critch and his fiancée Melissa Royla both had the perfect gift in mind for each other – and they both bid against each other on eBay. 5:39

After they figured it out, the couple decided to make a truce.

“Mark was the gentleman. [He] let me buy it for him as a Christmas gift and I paid I think a big whopping sum of $25 for it in the end,” said Royle.

The antique was a special draw for both of them, as they have a cottage in nearby Trinity, and plan to get married there this summer.

“This having a Trinity connection was what made me interested in it,” she said.

Last year, Royle and Critch managed to buy each other almost identical antique Christmas cards from Newfoundland’s second lieutenant-governor. (Submitted by Melissa Royle)

On Christmas Day, Critch unwrapped his gift, but it’s not the first time the couple have had the same niche gift idea in mind, either.

Last year, fresh off binge watching The Crown, Critch and Royle both gave each other similar Christmas cards sent by the second lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Both agreed that their love of Newfoundlandia is part of the reason why they hit it off in the first place

“I think I found the only person who I could pick up with a shared love of Brian Peckford and Joey Smallwood,” laughed Royle.

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