Licence plate from New Scotland brings laughs in auld country

Debbie Gibbs moved to Scotland from Nova Scotia 19 years ago but she still travels around with a licence plate from her home province.

But it is not on a vehicle. She proudly hangs it on her walker.

This piece of New Scotland has been getting attention in auld Scotland ever since.

“It’s off my sister’s car. It’s kind of beat up, it’s a used licence plate. I love it. It has been a part of me for all these years and it reminds me of Nova Scotia,” Gibbs told CBC Radio’s Maritime Noon on Wednesday.

“Most people just smile. Some laugh and say ‘I like it.’ When they see it, they just have to come over and say ‘Ah, New Scotland’ and will get a kick out of just looking at it. “

Scots and tourists alike who have visited Nova Scotia sometimes share their experiences with Gibbs.

‘We just crack up laughing’

She recalled the reaction of two veterans from the Second World War who spied the plate.

“They said, ‘We really like your licence plate. During the war, we were stationed in Newfoundland and then we went to visit Nova Scotia. We loved it, it was beautiful.'”

Debbie Gibbs says Scots and tourists alike get a charge out of the Nova Scotia licence plate she has attached to her walker. (Submitted by Debbie Gibbs)

Two lost New Brunswick tourists also approached her one time to ask for directions after catching sight of the plate. 

“As soon as people say we like your licence plates, we just crack up laughing. You don’t usually see licence plates on a walker,” said Gibbs, who lives in North Berwick, about 40 kilometres outside of Edinburgh.

Her walker and plate got an even wider reaction when she recently posted a photo of them on a Facebook page called We Love Nova Scotia.

It was a way to steer the photos being posted away from Christmas trees, Gibbs confessed.

“There were a lot of beautiful Christmas trees, but I was just tired of looking at Christmas trees so I thought I’ll just put that [photo] on, it’s part of Nova Scotia. So far, everyone’s enjoyed it.

Starting a trend

The reaction has been positive with comments such as “how wonderful,” “that’s funny” and “how cute.”

“We just thought it was funny. I’m glad other people think it is, too,” she said.

One woman in the U.S. said she is going to do the same thing with her walker.

“For anyone out there using a walker, stick a licence plate on it, we may start a trend,” Gibbs joked.

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