545 kg of lobster stolen from 2 pounds in Port Medway

RCMP are asking for the public’s help after about 545 kilograms of lobster were stolen from two lobster pounds in Port Medway, N.S., recently.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke said the thefts occurred early on the mornings of Sunday, Dec. 23 and Tuesday, Jan. 1 from pounds on Long Cove Road. She said there are several pounds in the area.

Clarke said the owner of the pound from where the lobster was stolen in the first theft thought a boat stored near his pound may have been involved in the theft.

“It wasn’t stored exactly the way he would have left it there, so he felt the suspect or suspects might have used the boat,” she said.

Clarke said the pounds are located in a remote area and if anyone has trail camera footage that picks up vehicles on those mornings to share it with police.

She said she’s not sure what the thieves will do with the lobster.

“I have no idea what someone does with 1,200 pounds of lobster,” said Clarke.

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