‘Satisfying’ videos of Cape Breton farmhand unwrapping hay go viral

A Cape Breton man’s videos of unwrapping bales of hay are a social media hit.

Kent Peters, who goes by @thekentpeters on TikTok, uploaded a 15-second video of him cutting open a bale of hay at Dream Stables in Albert Bridge, N.S. It was viewed more than five million times in seven days.

“Yeah, it’s wild and a lot of the comments are funny,” Peters told CBC News.

“I didn’t know, but satisfying videos are interesting to people these days, so like cutting open things, playing with slime, playing with sand — so the sound of cutting open the bale, people love it.”

Peters is a martial arts instructor and he also spends his days working at his wife’s ranch feeding horses and cleaning up around the stables.

“I’m a farmhand at Dream Stables so I just put the hay out and clean the poop for my beautiful wife,” he said.

He began posting the videos last week while he was getting ready to feed the horses.

“The most common [comment] is that it was a marshmallow and why is there grass in the marshmallow. A few people thought it was weed, which I mean — that’s a lot of weed,” Peters joked.

“Some people thought it was cheese. I mean, if it was cheese it would arguably be worth more than weed because, I mean, cheese is expensive.”


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