Inspection finds all but 2 fire hydrants in Baddeck working

Officials in Baddeck, N.S., have determined nearly all of the community’s fire hydrants are functioning after a massive fire at the Inverary Resort revealed the hydrant closest to the inn wasn’t working.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board asked the village to do the inspection after a complaint from the Baddeck volunteer fire department.

The inspection revealed 53 of the village’s 55 hydrants are functioning.

“We were able to identify two hydrants that were inoperable and they are clearly marked and documented,” said Brian Morrison, chair of the village commission. “The fire department’s been notified and we will either be repairing or replacing them in the coming year.”

The village commission has filed a report with the UARB about its findings.

Morrison said all hydrants were flushed, painted, cleaned, lubricated and securely capped. 

He said they’ll now do annual checks on the hydrants.

“What the village wants to do is work with the fire department to ensure that from the village perspective we’ve done our part to ensure that the fire department has what they need when faced with a fire,” said Morrison.

Officials have said having a working hydrant in front of the Inverary Resort wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the fire. (Submitted by Tina Emi)

The inn’s main building, including a dining room, kitchen and reception area, and some rooms, were destroyed in the early morning fire on June 7.

The fire department said the nearest hydrant didn’t work, but they were able find another hydrant within minutes.

Officials have said having a working hydrant in front of the resort wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

In July, the hydrant near the Inverary Resort was tested and said to have been fully operational.

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