Here are Nova Scotia’s favourite baby names for 2018

William and Olivia reign for a third year in a row as Nova Scotia’s most beloved baby names.

The province welcomed at least 61 Williams and 44 Olivias as of Dec. 28, 2018, according to the registry of vital statistics, which has been recording births since 1864. 

There were 7,930 babies registered in Nova Scotia in 2018, an increase of about 280 babies from the year before.

Sophie, Charlotte and Emma were other favourite girl names this year, and Benjamin, Hunter and Lincoln were high on the list of boys names. Some more recent additions to the list, such as Isla and Addison, continue to climb the rankings. 

The last names to give William and Olivia a run for their money were Ava and Owen back in 2015. 

Here is the full ranking of baby names for 2018:


  1. Olivia
  2. Sophia
  3. Charlotte
  4. Emma
  5. Amelia
  6. Ava
  7. Isla
  8. Abigail
  9. Evelyn
  10. Sadie
  11. Sophie
  12. Mia
  13. Scarlett
  14. Anna
  15. Ella
  16. Ellie
  17. Hannah
  18. Lilly
  19. Addison
  20. Emily


  1. William
  2. Benjamin
  3. Hunter
  4. Lincoln
  5. Jack
  6. Noah
  7. Oliver
  8. Logan
  9. Owen
  10. Ethan
  11. Liam
  12. Lucas
  13. Mason
  14. Emmett
  15. James
  16. Alexander
  17. Henry
  18. Thomas
  19. John
  20. Leo

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