If you’re late to work after the next Mooseheads game, Halifax’s mayor has your back

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage wrote an open letter to employers, reminding them that workers suffering from Moosehead fever Wednesday might show symptoms on Thursday morning: tardiness, grogginess and a simultaneous craving for water and salty snacks.

Be gentle on them, the mayor writes.  

With both the Halifax Mooseheads hitting the ice for the third Memorial Cup game on Wednesday and the Halifax Wanderers hitting the field, there could be a “good number of employees will be operating at a reduced capacity on Thursday,” Savage wrote.

An open letter from Mayor Mike Savage to employers. (Office of the Mayor/Twitter)

“I prevail upon you to be mindful that such a historic day in sports demands a great deal of fans,” Savage reminds the city’s employers, managers and supervisors in his open letter. “It is reasonable to presume that some of them may stay up later than usual or make unwise food and beverage decisions.”

What does a good, post-game boss look like post-game day? One who stocks the water cooler and offers groggy workers “salty snacks” instead of grief when they show up a little later than usual, according to Savage.

The cheeky missive quickly scored a few points on Twitter.

While the letter might not qualify as a sick note, it’ll hopefully buy diehard sports fans a few hits of the snooze button on Thursday morning.


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