Nova Scotia gas drops to lowest price in 11 years

For the second time in as many weeks, Nova Scotia’s gas regulator used the interrupter clause to trigger a sharp drop in the price of gasoline early Tuesday morning.

Gas prices haven’t been this low since January 2009.

In Halifax, the minimum price of regular self-serve gas fell to 79.4 cents a litre, dropping from 89.1 cents a litre.

People in Lunenburg, Kings County, and part of Annapolis County can expect to pay 80.0 cents a litre, down from 89.7 cents a litre.

Yarmouth, Shelburne, Digby, Queens County and part of Annapolis County will now pay 80.5 cents a litre instead of 90.2  cents.

Prices in Cumberland County, Guysborough County, Pictou, Colchester County and Antigonish dropped from 90.3 cents a litre to 80.6 cents.

The new price in Cape Breton is 81.4 cents a litre, down from 91.1 cents a litre.

This change is necessary “due to significant shifts in the market prices of gasoline,” a news release from the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) said Monday.

Nova Scotia gas prices usually change first thing Friday, but the UARB can change the prices at any time if the market conditions warrant it.

Gas and diesel prices already dropped across Nova Scotia last week by about 10 cents a litre. In Halifax, people were paying a minimum of 95.3 cents per litre at the pumps after that drop, down from the previous minimum of $1.059 per litre.

On Friday, gas went down an additional 6.2 cents a litre.

Oil prices have plummeted globally, triggered by an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and fears the spread of COVID-19 could lead to a global recession.


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