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The Great Mid-Life Road Trip

With our kids all grown and the world changing faster than we can keep up with my wife and I both came to the realization that the old paradigm was coming to an end and we needed to make a hardcore change in our lives. So at the end of our lease at our apartment in west end Montreal Celine, Nakita (our canine buddy) and I made the decision to not find a new apartment but do something different and see where that takes us. That's where this begins. At the end of May we moved all our furniture and most of our 'stuff' into a storage unit, left Montreal, the city I've always called home and began The Great Mid-life Road Trip. An open ended adventure, no destination, no itinerary, no time restraints and no end date. Life is rolling along like a river and we're tossing the paddles into the water and letting the currents carry us. Our first stop was in western Quebec, about 50 kilometres west of Montreal in the town of Saint Zotique. We spent a few months enjoying the company of Celine's sister and husband as well as becoming tourists in Montreal during the citys 375th birthday and exploring the historic area we were staying in before heading out of Quebec in mid August. Our next destination was the east coast and our daughter Mickayala's home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where we will spend some time with her, Jason and our two grandsons Tristan and Ryan while exploring many areas of Canada's Ocean Playground. After that we really don't know where we'll be and are throwing ourselves to the winds of fate, it should be fun! Stay tuned, our life will be broadcast, live at times, on Facebook, instagram and Youtube.
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip2 months ago
Had a blast tonight at Peggy's Cove pub night. The Saunders Brothers Show lit up the place with some good ole down home kitchen party style music at The Sou'Wester Restaurant and Gift Shop at Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Saunders Brothers Show was a blast. They know how to put on a great show.
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip added 5 new photos — at Bayswater Beach Provincial Park.2 months ago
We'll be looking at a property in the area today. 🤗
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip added 7 new photos — at Burntcoat Head.3 months ago
Amazing place and awesome weather for a trip to the Fundy shore at Burntcoat Head.
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip added 4 new photos — at Peggys Point Lighthouse.3 months ago
After almost twenty years and dozens of trips to Peggy's Cove we finally got the sunset we've always wanted. This was magical. 💙
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip added 9 new photos — at Meat Cove.5 months ago
17 years on our to-do list, Meat Cove! Nova Scotias most northerly settlement.
Fun fact: It's unusual name is believed to have originated from the area being used as a popular location for hunters to dress animal carcass' during it's early history. It's small population is descended from Scottish settlers and most are employed in the fishing and tourism industries.
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip
The Great Mid-Life Road Trip is at Seafoam Lavender Company & Gardens.5 months ago
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Seafoam Lavender Company & Gardens
The aroma here is a mix of lavender and the sea across the street. How does one leave?!